Device Description Files (EDS, GSD, ESI...)

Automation & Control

DeviceNetâ„¢ I/O Control Devices

MicroNode AS00124-01 Firmware: 1.001 EDS file
MicroNode AS00124-01 Firmware: 2.001 EDS file
MicroNode AS00124-03 Firmware: 2.001 EDS file
MicroNode AS00124-04 Firmware: 2.001 EDS file
MicroNode AS00127-01 Firmware: 2.002 EDS file
MicroNode AS00127-02-1 Firmware: 1.002 EDS file
MicroNode AS00127-02 Firmware: 1.002 EDS file
MicroNode AS00127-03-1 Firmware: 1.002 EDS file
MicroNode AS00127-03 Firmware: 1.002 EDS file
MicroNode AS00160-02 Firmware 1.004 GSD file
MicroNode AS00260-02 Firmware 1.004 GSD file
MicroNode AS00612-01 Firmware 2.001 EDS file


AS01366-01 Firmware 3.003 EDS file
AS01366-08 Firmware 3.003 EDS file
AS01366-10 Firmware 3.002 EDS file
AS01367G-01 Firmware 3.001 EDS file
AS01367G-02 Firmware 3.002 EDS file
CDN366 Firmware 2.00 EDS file
CDN367-01 Firmware 2.006 EDS file
CDN466-4 Firmware 4.102 EDS file
CDN466-5 Firmware 4.106 EDS file
CDN466-6 Firmware 4.102 EDS file
CDN466 Firmware 2.1 EDS file
AS02366G-01 Firmware Version 4.1 GSD file
PFB366 GSD file to be used with PFB366 - FW 3.2

Flow/Gas Delivery

P-Series High Performance Multi-gas, Multi-range Thermal Mass Flow Controllers

piMFC EDS file

Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

Legacy Indirect Vacuum Gauges & Controllers

356 Micro-Ion Plus Module DeviceNet
EDS 015852
385 Convectron ATM Module DeviceNet EDS 017971 for P/N 38501X-XX-X - PR Diaphragm P/N 38501X
GP 385007-XX-X & 385009-XX-X Combination Gauge; Firmware 2.001 EDS File

Vacuum Gauge Transducers & Modules

20002556 - EDS for product 355420-2-XX-X
20002557 - EDS for product 355620-2-XX-X
275 Mini-Convectron Modules DeviceNet, with Display EDS 175802 for P/N 275620-X-XX-X
275 Mini-Convectron Modules DeviceNet, without Display EDS 176360 for P/N 275420-X-XX-X
275 Mini-Convectron Modules DeviceNet
EDS 014231 for P/N 275538-##-#, 275553-##-# and 275553-PQ-T (Previous Rev 275538 & 275553)
347 Stabil-Ion Modules DeviceNet EDS 014647
390 Micro-Ion ATM Modules DeviceNet EDS 017056
392 Micro-Ion Plus II DeviceNet EDS 017434
901P ESI file
925 ESI file
972 ESI file

Valve Solutions & Pressure Controllers

Downstream Valves and Pressure Controllers

683 EDS file
T3B EDS file for INTEGER number data types
T3B EDS file for REAL number data types

Upstream Valves and Pressure Controllers

πPC PC90 Integrated Pressure Controller EDS file
πPC PC99 Integrated Pressure Controller with Mass Flow Meter EDS file
DPC EDS file

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