Repair & Calibration
Meeting the highest national standards

At MKS we understand that establishing a consistent regular calibration program for your gas pressure and flow instrument is critical to ensuring repeatable processes within a tool, between tools in the same facility, between tools in duplicate facilities, and when transferring processes from R&D to production. Ensuring instrument calibrations that are accurate and traceable is essential to meeting the documentation needs for ISO 9000 or SEMI standards.

All MKS Calibration and Repair Centers are run by trained service engineers using the latest in calibration equipment. If components are replaced during calibration, your unit is run through a zero stability test. This test ensures that changes in ambient temperature conditions cause only predictable changes (within published specifications) in the instrument measurement. Instrumentation is returned complete with calibration data showing traceability to the appropriate national standards laboratory or government agency.

MKS calibration labs are capable of traceable measurements for gas pressure from 5 x 10-7 Torr to 3000 psi; and for gas flow from 1 sccm to 400 slm (nitrogen equivalent).

To ensure that equipment received is properly serviced and tracked, it is required that you obtain an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) prior to returning the equipment to one of our Calibration and Service Centers.

How to order repair and calibration services from MKS Instruments.

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Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be faxed or mailed directly to one of the Calibration and Service Centers. Whenever possible, a purchase order in an amount to cover repair cost should accompany the return. This will assist in expediting the turnaround.


It is our goal to accomodate your requirement for turnaround. If the instrument you are returning has caused a machine down situation, please inform us of this when you call to receive an RMA number.

Repair Warranty

Repairs are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety days or the remainder of the original warranty, whichever is longer. This warranty does not apply to routine calibration of the instrument.

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Contact an MKS Service Specialist by sending an email to MKS or call: 800-227-8766 or 978-284-4000 (outside the USA).