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New Featured Product: MKS Automation Platform.

New Featured Article: Modular automation platforms for integrated automation (Processing Magazine: August 2016).

New Featured Application Note: Seamless Integrated Automation Using the MKS Automation Platform.

Throughput, quality and cost have always been key technology and decision drivers in industrial automation and manufacturing. But today's customers have complex automation solution requirements: systems must be scalable and expandable to a number of environments, seamlessly integrated, and improve time to market. Increased reliability, off the shelf product availability, newer connectivity, IoT platforms, and support for Industry 4.0 are becoming standard requirements.

As innovators in programmable control, communication protocols, embedded analytics, and gateway technology, MKS has the critical building blocks and experience to deliver the latest technologies for distributed automation control and process monitoring to our customers, personalized for their exact requirements.

MKS has developed a new complete Automation Platform solution along with a suite of Automation Control hardware and software configurable modules - that allow semiconductor and other industrial manufacturing customers to better automate their processes through computer-controlled automation and seamlessly integrate with existing MKS products to provide a complete solution.

MKS' expertise in control technology enables manufacturers worldwide to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency. MKS works closely with our customers to provide proven, real time solutions that save time and money, reduce inefficiencies and enable faster implementation.

Benefits of MKS Automation and Control Solutions:

  • Seamless interface to MKS Subsystems and Instrumentation
  • Advanced analytics for improved process control - tuning, optimization, monitoring, troubleshooting, & fault detection which optimizes utilization of existing tools & assets
  • Enables faster implementations and improves time to market
  • Scalable and expandable, supporting many fieldbuses & control networks
  • Lowest total cost of ownership compared to standard off the shelf systems & controls
  • MKS Advanced Services offered for integrated testing, & training and recipe development

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