Warranty Terms

The following are MKS' warranty terms which are subject to and referenced in the MKS Terms and Conditions of Sale located at www.mksinst.com/Agreement:

Products Warranty Period*
Calibration Products 1 year
Control Systems Products 1 year
(excluding embedded software which is warranted for 90 days)
Custom Vacuum Fabrication 1 year
(excluding heaters which are further described below)
Data Collection & Analysis 1 year
(excluding any standalone software products which are warranted pursuant to the applicable software license agreement)
Flow Measurement Control & Verification 1 year
FTIR/NDIR Gas Analyzers 1 year
(excluding NDIR Analyzers which are warranted for 2 years and any standalone software products which are warranted pursuant to the applicable software license agreement)
Gas & Vapor Delivery 1 year
Leak Detection 1 year
Precisive TFS Products 1 year
Mass Spectrometry/Residual Gas Analysis 1 year
Microwave Power & Systems 1 year
Ozone Products 1 year
Plasma Sources 1 year
Precisive TFS® Products 1 year
(an additional 2 year warranty may be available if an extended warranty is purchased from MKS)
Pressure/Vacuum Control 1 year
Pressure/Vacuum Measurement
(Baratron® Capacitance Manometers)
2 years
(excluding specialized manometers and gauge tree assemblies which are warranted for 1 year)
Indirect Pressure/Vacuum Measurement (Granville-Phillips®, GP) 18 months
(excluding GP VQM 835 DPS Series System and PTI Air-Flow Valve Systems which are warranted for 1 Year)
RF & DC Power 1 year
(excluding RF Amplifiers for MRI which are warranted for 18 months)
Medical Related RF & DC Power 18 months
Traps & Effluent Management 1 year
Vacuum Components, Stainless Steel Fittings & Accessories 1 year
Valves 1 year
Wafer Analysis 1 year
Telvac Products "AS IS"
Heater Jackets for Stainless Steel Vacuum Components:
Operating Temperature Series 43, 45, 93, 95 Series 46, 96 Series 48, 98
150°C or less 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year
151-185°C 0 Months 1 Year 1 Year
185-200°C 0 Months 6 Months 6 Months
200°C + 0 Months 0 Months 0 Months
Series 45 PID controlled heaters with thermal fuse will have the same warranty, as Series 45 if maintained in the temperature ranges shown above. If the thermal fuse blows or the silicon deteriorates there is no warranty.
*All Warranty Periods begin on the date of shipment.
**The Warranty Periods for repaired or upgraded Products shall be 90 days from shipment of the repaired or upgraded product or the remaining portion of the original warranty, whichever is longer.

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